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Got a replacement Oculus Remote! Photos included and Positive Customer Support Story

CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
edited June 2016 in General

Just thought I'd share some photos of the replacement Remote I was sent after the one that came with my rift inexplicably died, in case it would be of interest to anyone.

I was surprised that it came in this professional, retail-looking packaging; I expected to see just the remote by itself in a little baggie or something.   This looks like something you could buy off the shelf next to the full Rift package at tech stores, or order online from places like Amazon.. which I'm sure will be the case at some point!

For me at least, this replacement came for free after I sent Oculus Support a ticket regarding my dead Remote. They got back to me quickly and ran through some basic tech support questions like "does the remote's light go on when you push certain buttons" and "is the Rift sensor working?", and then asked me for the product code on the bottom of my Rift box  (I guess so they could look up my account and verify that my warranty was good, or something?)

A few days after that, they got back to me saying they were shipping a replacement to the address I had on file.  Didn't charge me for shipping, didn't make me mail in the dead remote first (although I did offer!  I guess a component like this is cheap enough to manufacture that they don't bother refurbishing broken ones)  and it arrived two or three days later...

Amusingly, the tiny little package DID require a signature.

So yeah, I know we hear complaints and horror stories about Oculus support from time to time, but don't be afraid to contact them if you have an issue.  Just be patient and polite and give them time to process your stuff, and they'll usually take good care of you. :wink:
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