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Check Sensor setup.

Ok so I bought an oculus rift off of Ebay because I wanted it sooner. It was brand new not even opened from the box that it came in so there is no question of tampering. So when I go into the oculus setup everything works perfect. It detects the cables plugged in and both devices have their LED lights on. However when it gets to the part where the motion sensor has to detect the rift it keeps looping to check sensor setup.

I have tried:

1) Different distances and angles for the sensor.

2) Updating USB drivers/different ports

3)External USB hub and a BRAND NEW PCI USB extension

4)Fresh install of Windows 10 64Bit

I don't know what else to do. I'm really concerned that its defective. Is there some godsend soul out there who is willing to help me?

GTX 980
Asus Z-170a motherboard
G.Skill 16Gb DDR4 Memory @3000mhz
Insignia 2port PCI USB adapter
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