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Black Display: Not enough bandwidth to support required video mode

I'm getting a black screen on my newly-purchased CV1.  I looked in the logs and found what I believe is the relevant line:

18/06 14:08:58.037 {!ERROR!} [Errors] OVR Error: Code: -3000 -- ovrError_Initialize System error: -1529741307 (a4d20005) -- (unknown) Description: Not enough bandwidth to support required video mode. OVRTime: 6840.221059 Time: 2016-06-18 14:08:58 [36:132:800]

I'm running this on a machine with a Core i7 960 and dual NVIDIA GTX 470's in SLI.  I know the graphics cards aren't up to the official spec, but lists the maximum resolution (for a single card) as 2560x1600, which is quite a bit higher than the 2160x1200 required for an Oculus Rift.  I'm therefore a little confused by the error.  Does anyone have any ideas?  You can find my complete log at  Thanks!
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