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Rift won't turn on unless I unplug one of my other monitors

GuidolatryGuidolatry Posts: 3
So I have two monitors set up via DVI, and my Rift (CV1) plugged into the HDMI port on my GPU. For some reason whenever I want to use my Rift, I have to unplug one of my monitors. Oddly enough, if I then plug my monitor back in after getting the Rift working, everything is fine (until I restart the computer). So obviously my GPU can handle two monitors and the Rift, but I have to go through this process every time. If anyone has run into this I'd appreciate any help. Oh, and I have an AMD R9 290 in my rig if that matters.

Sorry if this has been brought up before, I searched but couldn't find anything.


  • TanerianTanerian Posts: 10
    Having the exact same issue, only with the upgrade to the 290 the R9 390X.
    I read it's an AMD issue, but have found no fix for it yet.
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