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Suggestions for Rift Development

RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,053
After a month of use, I have some suggestions for the Oculus development team.
Generally the Rift is quite good, but there is one thing that holds back the experience and keeps it from being great. The field of view is just too small. I doubt I'm seeing more than 90°, and it really needs to be improved.
Dual 2K screens (twice the ppi) with higher magnification lenses should do it.
The entire screen does not have to be rendered at full resolution, only the center 50% maybe. Then the next 25% going outward toward the edges at 3/4 resolution, and the outer 25% at 1/2 resolution.

A volume control on the wire or side of the hmd would be nice too.
Brightness and contrast adjustments would seem to be a minimum requirement.
And a focus adjustment if you can work it in.

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