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Journey Beyond the Mind - [STUDENT Project]

Hello mates ! 
I'm happy to finally becoming a member of the community after lurking for a while !

I'm here to present you a student project, "Journey Beyond the Mind" that we're still working on.
We're five french students developing this game on PC & Oculus Rift !

In order to increase our visibility, we're currently competing in a French Challenge, the "Challenge Jeunes Talents 2016", organized by Pictanovo.
Happily we've been selected as one of the 8 finalists !

We could win various Awards, including the "Internet-user Award" which will be assignated to the project having the most votes.

Having an Award on our project would increase our resumes value, thus helping our future job-research !
3 minutes of your precious time could help us for the next 40+ years to come.
Our graduation should happen late-September, after this we're all going to experiment the professional world.

It would be awesome if the community could support us in the votes, as we're representing the VR-Games and Oculus Rift platform in this challenge !

Here's the link to vote :

And here is a link to help you guys understand "How to vote", as the website is in French ^^' :

Having the "Internet-user Award" could help us purchase the help of a Sound Designer, and buying another Oculus Rift would be awesome, to be able to present the game at expos/jams.

Here's the pitch of the game :
"Journey Beyond the Mind" is a video-game in Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift mixing interaction and exploration in an English manor of the Victorian-era.
The player impersonates William Crawford, a clockworker stuck in his manor, trying to get himself back on track after some tragic events.

Our ambition is to develop an immersive game in Virtual Reality offering a wealth of information.

You can watch the game's Teaser on YouTube :

You can follow us on Twitter :

Thanks a lot !
Thomas  B)
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