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Question about Oculus Touch

SamaDuuneSamaDuune Posts: 6
So for about 2 months now I've been playing around with my Rift and I'm lovin it :)  Currently running around all the Dead Space games, very cool.

I am greatly looking forward to the Touch when it is released and I have one question about them that I cannot seem to find an answer on when I do searches.  I like the design, and in simple terms it looks like a normal controller broken in half for each hand.  Which I think is a pretty good idea.  However my question about it are the buttons.  To me there is a good way, and a bad (or I'm gona call it lazy way) to do them.  

So from the concept of a controller broken in half looking at the buttons on the controller I see that there are just as many buttons on it as an Xbox controller, and 2 analog sticks (I know the Xbox has 2 analog and 1 digital D pad, but if you count the head tracking as one of those it still has all 3) and the touch is labeled as A, B, X and Y just as the Xbox is normally too.  So here is what I'm going to refer to as the lazy method.  A on touch equals A on the Xbox1 controller, and done.  Simple and accurate.  And for any game that was designed with controller based design in mind this will be straight forward and done.  

However, the controller could be so much more, especially in the area of games that were not designed for VR or controller inputs but still none the less can be used.  Now what I would like to see is that these buttons be programmable.  Like I want the A button on the Touch to be the R key on my keyboard.  Or maybe Ctrl+R.  Very much like the Logitech G series of keyboards. Now those keyboards have a lot of functionality to them, and it doesn't need to be that in depth.  Simply being able to map them to say F8 or Alt+I or something like that would be just fine.  As long as it isn't solely A button = A button limitation.  

Now the touch might be setup this way, and if so I just cannot find it.  If it is then A+ to Oculus, looking forward to them even more.  If not... Well then I'm just very disappointed in you I guess.

Has anyone see anything about the functionality of the controllers themselves, or links to articles that might talk about them I have missed.  Thoughts or ideas on the topic?
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