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[RELEASE] Occluded: goty edition

JustSidJustSid Posts: 6
edited August 2013 in VR Jam 2015
After two very very long nights with an awful lot of bug fixing, we finally finished our entry Occluded as well.

It's the first real-ish game powered by our game engine Rayne (http://rayne3d.com, shameless self plug), and we are quite pleased with the end result, though of course more polishing wouldn't have hurt the game...

Anyways, without further ado, here is the trailer showing the intro and my failed attempt at surving:

The actual game
Occluded: Goty edition (with day 1 patch and DLC), is a game with one simple goal: Don't die. You achieve that goal by running away from a hoard of undead, that you woke up while trying to loot an old mine dug by dwarves. If you make it to the exit, you will live, if don't... well, you will stay there forever and ever and ever... But since the hero tells her story in retrospect, we already know that you will survive it ;)

You can download a Mac OS X version here: http://rayne3d.com/static/occluded.zip
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