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How long does it take for a repair/replacement?

MelmixMelmix Posts: 80
Hiro Protagonist
edited June 2016 in Community
I'm wondering if anyone has experience with how long a repair/replacement process usually takes? My experience so far:

June 1: I create a ticket
June 1: Reply from support. give us some time, we will get back to you
June 7: I ask if they have an update for me
June 8: Reply from support. Please create a video.
June 9: I send them a Dropbox link with a video showing the issue
June 9: Reply from support. Please give us shipping address and serial number.
June 10: I reply with the asked information
June 10: Reply from support. Give us some time, we appreciate your patience.
June 14: Reply from support. We need your headset in for review. You will get a return label within 48 hours.
June 16: I send the package with UPS.
June 17: I tell them that I sent the package and ask how long they expect it will take.
June 17: Reply from support. No exact ETA, but we try to keep things going as fast as possible.
June 20: I write to support that UPS has delivered the package. I ask a few questions about tracking when they send me a repaired or new headset.
June 22: I ask if they have an update for me and ask if they can confirm they received the headset, have they confirmed the error and so on.
June 23: I write to support: "Hello? :-("
Me for the next year... :geek: VR4EVER! :lol:

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  • MelmixMelmix Posts: 80
    Hiro Protagonist
    Just got a UPS MyChoice notice that I'm getting a package from Oculus tomorrow. Curious if it's been repaired or if it's a new one...
    Me for the next year... :geek: VR4EVER! :lol:
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