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[SOLVED] black screen on my Rift display + no clear troubleshoot in Oculus support

arthurgonzalesarthurgonzales Posts: 3
edited June 2016 in Support
Hello Oculus community!

I was hoping to get a quick advice on something related to Oculus setup.

I'm having the same issue as Rodeorowdy in this thread: 

"I came to one of the last points during the setup, "Adjust your Lenses - Put on your headset, Push in and slide the lens slider until the green lines are sharp"... The problem is, I don't see any green lines when I look through my Rift. There is absolutely nothing! Its just black." 

A notable difference is that I am using an Alienware 17 (GTX 980).

Could anyone suggest how to troubleshoot? Here is what's available in the Oculus website:

"If you are seeing a black screen on either your Rift display or your main display (monitor or television), please make sure both of them are plugged into your computer's dedicated graphics card."

I'm not really sure what the above quote means, but I did follow all instructions during the Oculus setup, and I'm stuck at the green lines (see Rodeorowdy's issue).

Any help is much appreciated!


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