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DK2 not working anymore (orange led)

dexgehdexgeh Posts: 2
I played iRacing thursday without problems, i started windows today, and found out that the dk2 keep staying off with orange led when I start Oculus Home; if I start iRacing I will not be asked to play in the Rift, so the autodetect fail.
I didn't do iRacing/GPU drivers updates since thursday (my pc stayed turned off), I checked Oculus Version in General is (
On Devices I got everything connected (green dot), and on the DK2 section in Firmware Version I got N/A.
My hardware:
i5 6600, 8Gb ram, EVGA GTX960, Rift DK2


  • dexgehdexgeh Posts: 2
    Update: in Beta I clicked Restart Oculus, and now I'm prompted to do an oculus drivers update. I did it and Oculus Home and iRacing are working again!
  • SpaztazimSpaztazim Posts: 3
    I'm having this problem also, worked fine 2 days ago and now nothing. I tried a full reinstall and no go any other ideas people?
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