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Older Oculus Home patches?

yghtimyghtim Posts: 5
Hey, so i have Incompatible USB ports according to Oculus home, but guess what they work fine and i have never ha any tracking issues. Last Oculus Home patch i could not start games from the desktop app, it just told me that i had "Incompatible USB ports" and it did not allow me to start the game.

But inside of the headset i could still start any game and play them just fine, In the latest Oculus Home patch they also made the "Inside headset" app tell me that my ports are incompatible even though they clearly are since they work perfectly. so now i cannot play on my oculus rift anymore. just because their softwares doesnt allow me to even though i can.
This decision they made is laughably bad in my opinion but they though this was a good idea so well nothing i can do about it.

So to be able to play on my expensive headset again i need to puchase a new PCI USB 3.0 card or install an older version of the Home. So where can i find the older versions? how do i downgrade to another Home so i can use my Headset again?


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