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Ordering question

MarackMarack Posts: 2
I'm not sure where to put this question, so here goes.

If I order my Rift today, how long before it ships?  Are they still having big delays?


  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,735 Volunteer Moderator
    You should be fine for August :)
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  • StrierStrier Posts: 8
    I order my Rift 20/6, and my estimate was August. It does however say TBD on my order, but I am still betting on August. They are getting ahead of the delays, so August sounds fair... I would however say it's more likely to be late August for delivery. 
  • AndrewJ71AndrewJ71 Posts: 280
    Nexus 6
    Their official work is August, but they mentioned in an interview that they were hoping to be caught up on outstanding orders sometime in July. My expected delivery window was August 1-11 but I got the "order now processing" email last Thursday and the "has now shipped" email on Friday (Australia region, FYI).

    So... I reckon shipping by the end of July is a definite possibility.
  • I ordered on Monday of this week. My rift just landed in Sydney 45mins ago via FedEx. Expected delivery on the tracking is Thursday but I'm expecting Monday or Tuesday. So a bit over a week from order to receiving.

    It's looks like I might be the exception not the rule though as from what I can see on here there are still preorders being sent from back in February March. It could be region dependant maybe? Australia seems to be under control though.
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