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Mobile SDK 1.0.3 "Clean project" issue with VrAppSupport

otitebotiteb Posts: 5
Brain Burst
edited June 2016 in Community

I'm noticing the following behavior when performing "Clean project" on Oculus Mobile SDK 1.0.3 + android studio 2.1.2:
-The compiled files (.jar, .so) part of VrAppSupport are deleted as part of the "Clean" task   -this seems like normal behavior
-These compiled files are not re-generated during the build process
-The overall app build process ends up failing because the libraries are not found

My workaround so far is to bring the binaries included in SDK 1.0.3, build the process with them and stay away from rebuild/clean tasks :smile:

Has any of you noticed a similar issue? Is there a quick fix for this?
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