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iRacing (No Demo Link)

OculusOpticianOculusOptician Posts: 253
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edited April 2014 in Oculus Share
iRacing doesn't have a demo link. They should be removed from the Oculus Share Center. It's called Oculus "Share" for a reason.

They charge huge monthly fee's and they can't even be bothered to post a simple track demo. Everyone else on share has a demo, why is iRacing allowed to be on here without one? This is just going to anger developers on here and Oculus fans alike.


  • PeejlePeejle Posts: 412
    Hiro Protagonist
    At least make it obvious that you'll have to enter your credit card and a minimum payment of $12 to see if it works with your Rift / System combo.


    Saw this on another thread:
    DarrenM wrote:
    You can try it free for 3 months if you register via this cadillac promo, and you get an extra free car as well.
    They send you out a code which you then use on this page
    Still need a credit card, but at least you can try it without paying.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I don't think we are requiring games have a free demo, but obviously that would be ideal. However, we still want to support developers creating Rift-enabled content regardless of their revenue models.
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  • DarrenMDarrenM Posts: 237
    Hiro Protagonist
    $12 is a pretty standard MMO subscription amount. The main cost with iracing is the content. It can be pretty expensive when starting out because you need to buy 4-5 tracks and a car ($11-15 each) if you want to move up the ladder to a higher series.

    Full time members who take advantage of the specials/credits can reduce the subscription to zero. Each year they run 2 specials, a 2 for 1 annual subscription and a 100 credits for $75 promo. So that's $37.50 per year if you do your subscription that way. You can also earn up to $40 credits per year by racing putting you $2.50 ahead. So much for the "huge monthly fee's" :)

    They charge a subscription because the sim is in constant development. They release a major update every 3 months along with 1-2 new pieces of content.

    If that's not to your taste, Assetto Corsa should be out soon and hopefully it will have rift support. It'll have a traditional boxed game+dlc price model. They should be taking pre-orders some time this month.
  • JotscheJotsche Posts: 20
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    i have played iracing with the DK1 and a Fanatec Porsche GT2 Wheel and its the best VR Expireance!
  • raidho36raidho36 Posts: 1,312
    It's an excellent game and it's worth much more than it costs.

    However, it's not a sunday driving game, it's a racing simulator. So unless you're willing to spend hours and hours practicing for the same car on the same track, unless you're willing to spend at least $300 on gaming periphery (wheel, pedals and shifter) and permanently dedicate part of your room space to your simming setup (adequate chassis with racing seat will cost you extra buck), unless you're willing to accept ungodly difficulty and unforgivingness of properly simulated driving, unless you're willing to wholeheartedly respect racing etiquette and other drivers - just don't bother, it's not for you.

    If you wish to try something roughly similar, you can try LFS, it has free demo.
  • nkanka Posts: 63
    raidho36 wrote:
    unless you're willing to spend at least $300 on gaming periphery (wheel, pedals and shifter)

    Keyword in bold :D
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