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Oculus runtime freezes computer maxing CPU and causing large system interrupts

DistractedSeagullDistractedSeagull Posts: 3
So I seem to be getting some issues with the oculus runtime which cause my PC to stutter and freeze after the runtime has been running for a long time.

I believe the oculus runtime is responsible because I just woke my PC from sleep and it immediately started stuttering, so my mouse would freeze for for 5-10 seconds, then free up, then freeze again (along with if you have sound on the awful noise of the sound locking up), and because I already suspected it was to do with the oculus software I loaded task manager - noted that the system interrupts were spiking CPU usage hugely - and then went to the services tray where I disabled the oculus runtime. This immediately stops the freezes and locking.

I asked on r/oculus but only got one suggestion that perhaps my ssd is failing (which as far as its health info suggests it isn't). I run a pretty powerful setup, sklake cpu, 32gb ram. 970gtx, 500gb ssd etc, so I don't think that meagre specs are to cause. This is also a relatively fresh Windows 10 install (I built the computer in part to be Oculus ready).

So has anyone else experienced freezes and lock ups because of the Oculus runtime? Any suggestions for a way forward? Is it possible that I can do to identify what exactly is causing the lock ups (ie are there logs that I can look at); Would uninstalling and reinstalling the Oculus software be helpful?


  • ElunedraElunedra Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    Interupts usaly come off priperals, try to unplug the HMD and Sensor and see if it still happents
    if it doesnt i tihnk you might have problems with your usb ports
  • DistractedSeagullDistractedSeagull Posts: 3
    edited July 2016
    yeah i had read that. i'm not at home to run tests, but from what i've tried so far, from what i remember, nothing worked until i went into system tasks and disabled the oculus runtime under services. my computer immediately stopped locking when i did that. at that point i had already unplugged the sensor and HMD. 
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