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How do you play games from Google Play Store?

thohuber91thohuber91 Posts: 2
I can only access VR content in Oculus Store (worst search function ever).  I downloaded VR titles in Play Store and see the apps on my phone bit can't access them, even when I access the internet.

Am I missing something?  Something big and basic?


  • metros269metros269 Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    edited July 2016
    Not sure but guessing that the VR content you downloaded from google play are only for google cardboard...apps from oculus store really only work with the gear vr. or apk's or whatever downloaded from websites and such that are specifically made for gear vr.
  • try starting the app on your phone then put it in your headgear without plugging it in.
  • bigsadshowbigsadshow Posts: 1
    There is no other way to download Play Store to your phone here. Install Play Store version modified by Apptogame. Very good use.
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