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The newest Rift can't be anymore extended monitor ?

D4rkL0rdD4rkL0rd Posts: 2
Hello guys I have question I just received the latest rift version and it works perfectly. I'm really happy about that but there is something that bothers me. I wanna extend my rift as third monitor but the rift doesn't show up in the display settings. It's basically for the games that only runs on your screen and where you need to transfer it to the rift. I try everything but I can't figure it out how make it to work ( updating drivers from nvdia and from rift / reinitialize the rift, changing usb 3 ports and hdmi ports ). Btw I don't even know which version of occulus rift is latest release. Do you guys have any solutions for this maybe ?


  • RedToastyRedToasty Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    No, to the best of my knowledge extended mode was removed long ago, back around SDK 0.8 sort of time. Are these games built on old SDKs you're trying to get working?
  • D4rkL0rdD4rkL0rd Posts: 2
    Thanks for the really fast answer. Ok so I guess this won't work anymore then. Well yeah I guess these are the old once, this is one of this games for exemple ( ). Those games are only projected on my monitor screen and not on the oculus rift, so would this means I have to wait until they updating their games ?
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