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CV1 Microphone so quiet as to be unusable

Hello folks,

So I'm trying to use the CV1 microphone with voice attack and am having no luck at all. My other mics are fine but when I use the rift mic it is so quiet that I have to shout to have even slight success. I'm using windows 10 and when I go to recording devices>configure speech recognition the green bar when I speak is barely evident. In device properties I have the volume turned to +23DB but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Any help here would be gratefully received.


  • AlberhtAlberht Posts: 3
    Hi, I have a similar problem. There is a setting called AGC which does help a bit with the sound level when ticked but when on lower than 100 volume everyone complains about how quiet I sound and on 100 they complain about how muffled my voice sounds, like the mic is under my chin on a normal headset. And no I don't wear the CV1 somewhere strange.

    I tried using the CV1 as a mic only and directed my voice right at where I believe the mic to be located in the headset (headset off and speaking direct at the miv) and the sound was a lot lot clearer and louder (obviously) so the mic works. But when in it's normal position over my eyes the mic is unusable. It's as if the mic has moved out of position in the casing or something.

    Anyone else or Oculus got something to say about this or advise me how to get this sound right please?

    If I can't get the mic to work then I think I need to RMA the device it's unusable for me without a mic people can hear me even semi-clearly over.


  • Comic_Book_GuyComic_Book_Guy Posts: 1,212
    Windows mic boost? recording devices, rift mic+properties, turn it up.
  • AlberhtAlberht Posts: 3
    Windows mic boost? recording devices, rift mic+properties, turn it up.
    I would if there was even a mic boost slider in the properties for the Oculus Rift Mic.
  • AlberhtAlberht Posts: 3
    edited August 2016
    It seems that the latest software update did something to the drivers for Audio. I found a post on this forum where someone installed the drivers again from a folder support/oculus-drivers and that has made the volume and clarity normal again.
  • jjGuardianjjGuardian Posts: 12
    Brain Burst
    Sadly as of this date on Windows 10, the driver refuses to reinstall or locate an updated driver, claiming it has the most up to date driver.  :/
    There is no boost or other features to speak of in the mic properties (First place I always look)
    The listen tab as "Listen to your self"
    The Custom tab has an "AGC" checkbox.. what ever that is?
    The mic tab has Volume currently at 100% and nothing else.
    The Advanced tab has audio format and Exclusive mode.

    That's it. That's everything on every tab.
    I fear their expecting mic volume control should be handled from the VR software but I hope they correct it.
  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    Anyone find anything out in regards to this? I've never had any complaints about it before but only just recently are people, even those I've gamed and talked with for months prior, are saying that my Rift mic is too low, however, as the case was with the OP, the mic volume is all the way up and set to default. Help? Please.
  • CosmiCaosCosmiCaos Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue.

  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,575 Valuable Player
    Have you checked the audio options in oculus homes settings?
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  • buntsberghbuntsbergh Posts: 2
    Same here. The Rift microphone used to work back in September (Elite with VoiceAttack) but stopped working after some update between then and now.
    I fully re-installed Oculus Runtime and done the driver updates and re-installation, although the Rift Audio driver version stays on version (03/14/2016)
    I also checked everything audio/mic related in Windows 10, including the audio options in Oculus Home.
    When I unplug and plug the USB back in, I see an instant spike on the level meter next to the Rift Audio microphone in the Windows recording devices. I also tried switching from USB3.0 to USB2.0.
    All my other mics (analog headset, USB webcam, etc.) work perfectly except the Rift microphone.
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,158
    Mine don't have any problem, I used Cortana a lot last night from the headset and can speak ar low volume no problem. Saying that, I just checked and my Rift Mic have drivers : 10.0.14393.0 date July 15, 2016, and checking recording property tab and selecting the Rift Audio mic allow me to change it's level (from 0 to 100).

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  • CosmiCaosCosmiCaos Posts: 2
    Ok so I just tried uninstalling the oculus software including all of my games.  Reinstalled everything and it seems to have fixed the problem on the two games i tested it out on.
  • buntsberghbuntsbergh Posts: 2
    YoLolo69: The driver version you mentioned is for the ASMedia ASM1142 USB Host Controller, not the Rift Audio.
    DavidCude: Which Rift Audio Driver version are you using?
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I was playing Arizona Sunshine last night and the mic seemed really loud (but I may have been screaming, it's hard to tell with headphones on).
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  • Coldsnap500Coldsnap500 Posts: 17
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    Picked up Elite Dangerous the other day, and tried using my Rift mic for the first time today. Had the same problem, sound barely registers.
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