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Order has been cancelled again after doing what Support told me...

ChairmanchuckChairmanchuck Posts: 22
Brain Burst
So. 2 days ago I finally got a response by Oculus, because they cancelled my order (and couldnt even tell me why). So they said I should reorder again and give them the new order number, so they can transfer the old information to the new order. Great. Did that, orderered again, made sure everythings right and sent Support the number. About 1 hour ago I got an email that my order has been cancelled again, even though Support told me there shouldnt be any problem.
This is the email that I got:

"We do not have a way to directly reinstate the order at this time.However, we are able to process your order back in the shipping queue with a newly-created order.Once I have your newest order number, I will be able to transfer your original pre-order bonuses and date to the new one!"

After I sent the new order number, of course no one answered. No Live-chat to talk to, no phone number to call whether everything is okay. Just another cancellation without any reason. 

Their support is one of the worst I encountered. I reordered it again, gave them the new order number again, but seriously. It gets more and more frustrated and I dont even understand how no one actually seems to care for that. I wrote a PM to cyberreality a few days ago about that, but no answer (though I can understand he might get a lot). I also tried to contact Oculus reps over reddit, but also. No answer....
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