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Remote & Xbox controller: sometime they work, sometime they don't

VitalogyVitalogy Posts: 36
Brain Burst
I think the problems started after the update to v1.5.
Many times, the remote and the Xbox do not work. In the settings of the Oculus app, it say they are on but when I press on the buttons, nothing happen. The batteries are good.

To make them work again I need to close and restart the Oculus app.

Am I alone with this problem??


  • cappasrmecappasrme Posts: 5
    I get this, am only new user with 4 days in, I have tried moving the reciever to the front of my machine so I can unplug it and plug it back in which usualy fixes it - typical of Microsoft.
  • msm903msm903 Posts: 106
    yeah it happens to me also. Generally I have to restart Oculus Home in most cases.
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