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How do i use steam vr on my oculus rift

StephenB95StephenB95 Posts: 11
Hi basically i tried running steam vr but i get this that the compositor is not working, so i did a bit of looking around and found out that maybe i need to have a second monitor pluged into my primary display which is my gpu, but the problem is i only have one hdmi slot, i have ordered dvi and displayport to hdmi converters, but they won't be here in some time. Is there another way to directly run steam vr to the oculus or virtual desktop without a second monitor.


  • Greenfire32Greenfire32 Posts: 364
    you shouldn't need a second monitor at all. Click on the VR icon next to your username in steam and get it running, then run a VR game (i find that ignoring the "Run with Steam VR" function works a lot better).  As long as steamVR is running first, then the game, you shouldn't have any issue viewing it on your Rift, unless it's a game that requires you to run a beta.

    American Truck Simulator won't run on the Rift unless you tell it to run in experimental beta mode for example.
  • StephenB95StephenB95 Posts: 11
    ya but when i start steam vr i get an error : steam vr failed to initialized for unknown reasons. (error: not initialized (109))
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 13,303 Valuable Player
    I use Virtual Desktop via Steam with my Rift quite often. I only have one monitor (and old ViewSonic), and it works just fine. Not sure what's going on with your launch, but as long as I click "use other VR device" when I run Steam VR things flow just fine.
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  • ElectryicElectryic Posts: 95
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    Think he is asking about the first monitor, not a 2nd.    I believe  you have to have your regular primary monitor displaying the signal before you turn on Steam VR and replicate it to the Rift. 
  • TisDaBigQTisDaBigQ Posts: 1
    Same here I'm getting the error 300 compositor not found and when I click on the link it wont do anything sucks because I bought a bunch of vr games and cant even use them now...
  • TysterdudeTysterdude Posts: 1
    I keep getting the error 108 cant find headset but its all plugged in and was playing echo arena on it earlier
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