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Windows 10 wont detect Oculus as a monitor.

ikgibson77ikgibson77 Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Support
Hi guys, so I just bought the DK2 second hand off of a friend, and for the past 2 days I have been working on getting it set up. I've tried everything to get it to work and it just wont. I've downloaded nearly every runtime program there is and to no avail. Currently I am using runtime 0.8.0 and it seems to be working the best. So down to the problem at hand, when I open the utility manager it tells me that the DK2 is ready to use. The sensor lights up blue but the headset it self stays orange. When I run the demo it starts up fine and tracks the headset fine, but there is no picture in the headset it self as well as the light stays orange. Windows also does not pick up the oculus as a monitor. I've even gone in to the resolution adjustment portion in the control panel and it still does not show up. On a privious install of runtime 1.3 it would detect it as a monitor in the resolution change section, but not on the main moniter selection page. On runtime 1.3 it allows me to do nothing. It tells me that the DK2 is not supported. Does anybody have any solutions to this problem? It is driving me batshit crazy and I have ran out of ideas. I feel like I have watched every You Tube video and read every forum there is with no luck. If you can help that would be much appreciated.


  • Coolpool1Coolpool1 Posts: 7

    just install oculus home u can use the dk2 with home I have been using home with my dk2 since it came out

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