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(Help Please) Is My Computer Powerful Enough

SandmanmmmSandmanmmm Posts: 5
edited July 2016 in Support
So I have a Dell Inspiron computer and I'm looking into purchasing Oculus Rifts. My computer has a AMD Radeon R9 360 graphics card. I wanted to know if this is powerful enough since I did the computer check and its says it isn't but, I checked the Oculus website and they sate that AMD Radeon R9 is minimum. I would also like to know if with this graphics card it is still worth buying, I hope it is... fingers crossed!!!


  • bo3bbo3b Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited July 2016
  • bo3bbo3b Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    Nope, sorry, that card isn't going to be good enough.  It's not even close.

    Take a look at this website that compares video cards:

    You can see that R9 360 is much, much lower than the minimum spec GTX 970.  Even though it's an R9, it's not going to be enough.
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