Positional Tracker correction jumps — Oculus
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Positional Tracker correction jumps

Hi to everyone!

I'm new to this forum.
I've worked with the DK2 and Unity 5 for a while and now I'm finally using the CV1.

Unfortunately, in one of my applications, the positional tracker needs to move and this causes a strange behavior that is unbearable.

If the positional tracker rotates, the correction of the rotation of the oculus is not gradual: it's very slow in a limited range, but if the positional tracker rotates too much, it does some big jumps, both with the DK2 and the CV1.

GIF to see the effect:

Has anyone ever had this problem?
I know that the positional tracker is not meant to be moved, but is there a parameter to make the correction faster, avoiding these jumps?
Or to access to the positional tracker data instead?

Thanks to everyone
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