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Can't view 360 Photos in Gear VR Gallery after moving to new folder

CrazyProspectorCrazyProspector Posts: 2
I took a lot of 360 photos earlier this year using Surround Shot on my Galaxy Note 5.  I could view them fine in Gear VR Gallery for a couple of months.  After deciding to reorganize my photos into folders,  Gear VR Gallery no longer recognizes them as 360 Photos and just displays them a flat photos.  I can take new photos and they work fine as long as I leave them in the default Camera folder, but as soon as as I move them, Gear VR Gallery no longer understands they are 360 photos (doesn't have the globe icon). Moving them back to the Camera doesn't help.  The regular Samsung Gallery app still knows them are 360 photos.   I can view most of the photos in Gear VR using Oculus 360 photos, but it doesn't necessarily recognize all of the photos as 360.  I've tried examining/comparing the EXIF data between a photo that works and one that doesn't, but I can't see any differences.  I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling the Gear VR Gallery as well as all of the Oculus stuff, but nothing works.   I also can't get Facebook to recognize my 360 photos either.  Not sure if that's at all related.  Any ideas?


  • *push* same problem here. also with video content made with the gear 360. also if i download via 360 video app and move them to sd card... then i see the video side by side but no longe in 360 mode
  • kromondkromond Posts: 8
    I am hear with same or similar problem.  Photos and videos shot with the Gear 360 don't show up in the gallery and I am not able to view on Gear VR in either Gallery or Oculus 360 Photos or Video.  I've tried putting the files in various locations but none are recognized in the Gear VR on the Note 5 
  • CrazyProspectorCrazyProspector Posts: 2
    I just got the latest update that included a rename of Gear VR Gallery to Samsung Gallery and I can now view 360 photos again. Works great with my Gear 360 too.
  • kromondkromond Posts: 8
    I got that update and still don't see my gear 360 photos in the gallery, or 360 photos, or samsungVR, formerly known as milkvr.  I do now see the videos playing back from samsungVR however.  I am wondering if my app is not adding the correct metadata to the images or something.  
    I have tried putting my image files in several locations, none seem to work with photos from gear 360 stitched either on the phone or on the destop and moved back to phone
    /MilkVR/   >videos from gear360 play from here in the SamsungVR app, not images
    /DCIM/Gear 360

  • bosdevbosdev Posts: 2
    < bump > anyone?
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