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No control over updates + Sophos warning = maybe I should uninstall?

Hello folks,
I see there have been some questions about the fact that you can't turn off auto updating.  I, too, want to raise my voice about this one.  I want control over my phone and don't want its resources taken away from me when I'm busy!  On top of that, every time it does update I get notified by Sophos because all these components are listed as low reputation apps in their data base.  I take this warning seriously.  Any thoughts, experiences?  I don't use the software enough to risk my phone by having it on there. 


  • zproxyzproxy Posts: 262
    seems the companies know no boundaries anymore. on my S7 the facebook oculus home seems to want to install yet another update.

    the software as it is right now is just fine. 
    i can use the device. i can interact with the gyro and the gpu.

    the oculus home is not part of the use case for me, since it does not show my icons. that makes it useless.
    if i could i would disable and replace oculus home on the development device.

    so, now we have windows 10 and gearvr where both are misusing the internet connection to disrespect the users will. if you are an employee or an agent of these companies, you must wonder how akward the situation would be if you were to come to my device in person to "upgrade" it. we all know where this is going. shame tho.

    it seems the only option will be to ban and intercept network traffic to make the companies comply with the will of the user.

    see also.

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