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Oculus Story Studio -We're besotted with Urchin Henry. Can we have CAD & paint Incorporated?

edited August 2016 in Oculus Share
My son has been begging me to own Oculus Rift.  As a traditional parent, I have concerns about the size of the head gear as well as age appropriateness. He loves VR.  Always creating characters and talking of games and designing his own genre of virtual reality.  Less than a decade old, his mind has been far long inspired by Oculus itself. If we can have a package like Scaleform meets paint and quarkexpress to design our own characters and send them to Oculus then that would be great.  My son would be the next generation of VR enthusiast to keep dreams and love of Quasai relativism of optical illusion in terms of thunder and lightening curiosity which ignites the mind for life. My son loves writing stories and poems.  I can foresee that his passion for technology will be everlasting.  It is not ingrained but naturally occurring source of life, like the air we breath and the food we eat and communication we need.

We love Oculus.  It is our family member now.
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