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Cleverality: Will we sponsor an Orphan with Oculus head gear to change the world in future?

Intellect is as important as eating and drinking. The body is one, the body should be perceived as whole. We know through neuroscience and neurologists that we can shape our brain and recover from an injury and rebuild our nerves as well as function after calamity. So, can we change poverty? can we change the world with Oculus and educating the poor children in order to change their fate? 

How can we empower the dis-empowered?  By intellectual information segmented and atomised in order to connect neurons permanently to inform individuals who can gain wisdom through learning. 

Oculus Scholars sponsored by every caring and sharing individual can give a gift of a lifetime to a life which gives life to mind and thoughts. For an Orphan of such deprived background to even say the word ''onomatopoeia'' is the greatest achievement.  

To give a sponsored child Human Rights with Oculus is a future worth delving into with passion. 

Give one child education and he or she will educate the whole community.

I do hope Sponsoring a child with Oculus and facilitation of its functionality in remote places, is a passion in the present that we all strive towards for a better world for our children and great children.

History and herstory in the making with Oculus Sponsor an orphan head gear International.

We are praying for the goodness of world change at its best. 
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