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Oculus with Doppler: The future of Sonography. Curing Ante & Post Natal Depression

Attachment created by Oculus:  Mother and child Bonding. A great experience for fathers and males gaining an insight to paternal and maternal instincts.

How can Oculus head gear with attached doppler give parents and mothers to be great happiness and ultimate attachment and bonding?

I do not know about other women and I cannot speak on behalf of others but what I can say for myself as a woman, female and mother is that, I wish I could turn back time.

I certainly have tried both free and private Hospitals which have caused this frustration of not being able to see what the Sonographer can see. 

What must it be another pair of eyes when the pregnancy is mine? I do not want to turn my head nor have the Sonographer turn the archaic and draconian technology around so that I may get a glimpse of my inner existence whilst in an uncomfortable position, being prodded with a Neanderthal style doppler which is hurting my abdomen. The Sonographer has no clue to how hard he/she is pressing on my pregnancy bump.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I did not care to the pain I suffered through natural birth and how much I bled. I saw her eyes, her little hands and her need to suckle on my body for her nourishment.  I almost injured my neck, looking at her, placed by an unfriendly mother to child plastic baby space.

I held onto her hands, looked at her chest as she was inhaling and exhaling air.  I held onto her hands and felt like I could worship her all my life.  I looked at her lips as though, kissing her should never have an ending.

With Oculus head gear, I can attach the doppler easily with Organic gel provided.

I can be in any position I want to be in.  I can see my inside and my future child in front of my eyes.

I can use it any time and anywhere I wish and please.

I do not want to miss a thing.

I want to see my unborn child gurgle, hiccup, suck his or her thumb.  Thanks to Oculus surround sound, I can hear everything.

It is better than 4D as I can see everything.  The father and all the family can get involved.

In hospital, there is not enough room or space to invite as many people as one wishes.  It becomes overcrowded and Sonographers are unwelcoming.

I can use Oculus baby experience App and connect others to my experience.

If I live in America, I can connect a friend in Australia to be in the moment with me and my pregnancy.  Creating this universal attachment.

We can all have fun choosing names.

I want to be able to use Oculus head gear and see how much progress I have made with my contractions and when I should be able to push out my baby without the Hospital giving me an internal examination which is severely painful and high risk of infections occur.

I want to to be in control as to how much I can bond with my child and what others can see and cannot see.

I want to be in control of my own birthing and post partum experience.

Why should someone else tell me what is happening to my own body?

I do not want others to see my intimate parts whilst recording it on video camera for memories.  I want to record it myself.  Even if it is my own mother or sister - I do not want them to see everything.

Oculus, please make it happen for us.

Pregnancies will always happen and so to birth.  It is perpetual.  It is never outdated.

Please, please, please give us mothers and future mothers what we truly deserve.  Taking control of our own experiences. 


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