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New Releases on Rift and Gear VR for August 4th.... I have to ask.....

BrockKaneBrockKane Posts: 111
Why are these titles for the specified hardware? Why can't all VR experiences be for both platforms?

Lately I've kinda felt left out on a lot of VR content!  When I received my Rift, I was like wow! This is amazing stuff. I've purchased many games and downloaded all the free content. But recently it seems VR content has slowed tremendously.  Especially for Oculus Rift. 

I've seen a lot of Gear VR titles popping up, seems more so than Rift. Will all this content eventually be for all platforms of VR? I know there are 30 titles being released when the "touch controllers" release. But still seems a lot more content for Gear VR and Vive than for Rift. 

Spent a lot of money for my Rift but nothing new coming out. I feel I've hit a brick wall with my Rift!


  • OpticKingOpticKing Posts: 1,185
    Just out of curiosity have you tried some of the steamvr stuff? Also dolphinvr and ppssppvr have logged many hours of rifting for me, with no sign of slowing. If you have leap motion you can install some drivers to trick steamvr into thinking you have vive wands so you can toy around with motion control only games for a bit.
  • BrockKaneBrockKane Posts: 111
    Yes I have some Steam VR stuff also. Think I've tapped that option out also. But no I have not yet tried the "Leap Motion" idea. I'll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Why is it taking so long for the "touch controllers"?
  • Hicks613Hicks613 Posts: 321
    Nexus 6
    BrockKane said:
    Why is it taking so long for the "touch controllers"?
    The controllers are pretty much done...I'm not sure how many versions of the engineering samples have gone out.

    But really, we're just waiting for the oculus store to get it's software.

    THe alternative is....the Touch comes out too early and there isn't much other than SteamVR/Vive content - which is fine...but why would Oculus want to boost steam's software sales? :)

  • triad03701triad03701 Posts: 2
    Hey guys just to let you know that my Oculus is running really good. And all the games that I have are amazing. Thank you for resending me the Oculus. It's amazing. More later... 
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