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Where can I download Oculus Home with Runtime 1.3?

jmcorallojmcorallo Posts: 2

I have a pair of DK2, which I've been using with runtime 0.8.
I want to update the runtime to one that is supported by the current Rift, as well as the DK2, and I know that runtime 1.3 supports both (

However, the current setup tool ( installs a newer version, and the DK2 is not supported.

I cannot find it on the downloads page ( I only find the SDK, but not the runtime.

Any help appreciated,


  • jmcorallojmcorallo Posts: 2
    In case anyone else runs into this, they answered a comment I had written on another post:

    "The latest version is at that link ( and can work with DK2. It's officially unsupported (meaning there may be strange bugs) but it is still working for the most part. This is to allow developers who are still using DK2 time to update and finish their games (if they don't have enough CV1's yet). "
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