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Jittering in Rift only when external display is plugged in

arvindsharvindsh Posts: 5
edited November 2016 in Support
I noticed that when I have my monitor plugged into the graphics card along with the rift, I see jittering (frames seem to get dropped every 5-10 seconds, very noticeable when looking around in dreamdeck) and it breaks immersion. However, when I remove my monitor and only have my rift connected to the PC, the frame drops go away and I have a smooth, jitter-free experience in dreamdeck.

I am connecting both the Rift and the monitor to the GPU. I am connecting to my monitor using a DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor.
Hardware: Gefore 1070, Core i7, 32GB RAM and plenty of SSD/HDD space, Asus Z170 Motherboard, Windows 10. Should be on the latest drivers for all of the above.

Has anyone seen this before? Any tips? It would be great to have folks not inside the rift be able to see what's happening.


  • magicjoshmagicjosh Posts: 1
    i am experiencing the exact same problem. only figured it out after reading this post. before that i thought that the oculus had broken because it's been working fine for 2 months since i got it. now if i leave my monitor plugged in the rift jumps when i turn my head. 
  • arvindsharvindsh Posts: 5
    edited August 2016
    magicjosh said:
    i am experiencing the exact same problem.
    What are your specs magicjosh? I updated my post with mine. Maybe there's something in common that is causing this problem.
  • LokiThorneLokiThorne Posts: 18
    Nvidia just pushed out a new driver.  Anyone try that?
  • arvindsharvindsh Posts: 5
    edited November 2016
    3 months and many Nvidia driver updates later, I still have this issue. Has anyone found any solutions to this?

    Sucks not to be able to see what others are seeing in the Rift or vice versa.
  • arvindsharvindsh Posts: 5
    With some help from Oculus Support, I narrowed the issue down to my HDMI -> Display Port adapter. The stutter seems to mostly go away when I use a monitor with a display port cable and no adapter.

    Hope this helps someone else!
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