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Bring Back Free Oculus Demos! (subreddit Post your demos!)

Jamiemcdermott1Jamiemcdermott1 Posts: 5

This subreddit is trying to revive all those old Oculus Demos! Remember scrolling through all those pages looking through thousands of free Oculus Rift demos? Well, this subreddit is going to bring those free games back! Since the release of the CV1 it's been very difficult to find free games. So submit a game of your own or just someone else's game. As long as it's free we don't care what the game is. Let's rebuild the community and revive the awesomeness of the Oculus rift! down with all the paid games!


  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,235 Valuable Player
    I had many free demos on my gear vr. I was very disappointed that there has not been anything close to that amount of demos on the rift. To be fair the gear has been out longer but since the rift launched gear has had many more demos coming out. Oculus also does us a diservice by not including netflix, milk, an open theater, and an Internet screen etc. It may be a money thing.
  • KevinLongtimeKevinLongtime Posts: 283
    Nexus 6
    I am in full support of this! It saddens me to see how much love Gear VR gets while the premium Oculus experience is lacking in demos...dk1 and dk2 had a wealth of demos.
  • Hi, I recently borrowed a rift dev2 and I am having great difficulty trying to view anything on it as on the Oculus store nothing seems to be there for the dev2. Is this list you are talking about going to have VR that I can play on a DEV2? If yes that would be great,
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,901 Valuable Player
    Why not make a website dedicated to it?  Reddit is nice, but it reads like text with no images for the demos so I am supposed to click through every link?   Set up a magento store with free downloads or something.
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