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Why do I have to take it off to finish installing an app??

I find it infuriating that I have to take it off to click 2 buttons so I can play a game.  why don't you take a  tip from Steam, treat it like another screen we can then use the desktop directly from it. genius!!

Until Oculus get it together i'll never buy a game of them cause its soooo annoying installing it


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    This is due to Windows security (UAC) which requires users to accept a dialog box when making certain changes to the system.
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    I'm a rebel. I just use my nose hole to click finish install
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,117
    They is a lot of "dirty" little things like this one which prevent to have a clean and soft experience in VR. When I decide to do VR I have to remove or put my Rift a big number of time during my evening session of few hours, even using BigScreen or Virtual Desktop. That's really painful, and even more if you have glasses like me and need to proceed carefully to not break them, or spend minutes to find a correct and non-painful position for them in the headset. For example, you are in Oculus Home and launch Virtual desktop, then, you launch from it a VR application. Often, when exiting this application, you don't go back to Virtual Desktop but to Oculus Home. Virtual Desktop still running so you can't launch it to get back in (already running blah), can't alt-tabbing,  so you have to remove the Rift and kill Virtual Desktop and back etc. Re-centering the Rift in Oculus Home is also a complex things where you need to put and remove your Rift, use 2d Oculus Home settings, put you're rft, etc. when re-centering the Rift in an application is doable in few click in the headset. Also, if something cratch : remove your headset and check your monitor, etc. All that is not a clean experience IMO. All that need to be polished a lot. I dream about keeping my monitor of all my session long, when currently I have to turn in ON too many times.

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