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Can i use Oculus rift with other IR tracking system?

I want to use oculus for visualization. but also i have to use another IR tracking system to track full body and tools. 
Is it possible? I'm worry about IR interference. 
If there is a way to use oculus rift with only gyro sensor to update VR not using IR sensor, please let me know. 


  • benplacebenplace Posts: 758 Poster of the Week
    You will lose geometric tracking, you couldnt lea forward or back without the world moving with you.
    But, yes you can do that, just unplug your sensor bar.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 3,893 Volunteer Moderator
    You could unplug the camera (the rift will then use just the IMU). But the rift will probably still be flashing it's IR leds in patterns, so that could mess up the other tracking system (I'm not really sure if the rift still flashes when no camera is plugged in, but I think it does).

  • zproxyzproxy Posts: 231
    get gearvr
  • VrASMLVrASML Posts: 3
    Did you ever find an answer to this? I want to combine the rift with ARTtrack5
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