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SpaceEngine support?

ThomixiosoThomixioso Posts: 118
edited April 2013 in Games and Apps
Space simulators fans, let's push the author to support OR in his game. ;) Discussion is going on here:

if you still do not know what's going on, look at these videos on his site. They speak for themselves.


  • MrGeddingsMrGeddings Posts: 604
    that would be nice. its a cool engine for sure.


    unfortunately it seems the creator isnt that interested in the Oculus Rift right now. You might suggest to him that the SDK can be downloaded free by singing up on the Oculus Rift Dev forums without having to get a rift yet. then he could use that to provide some sort of basic support and someone with a rift can test it to see if it works. Just a thought. though since hes not really interested in it right now (a shame) doubt support for the Rift will come soon. heh someone should donate him a rift perhaps? ;-)
  • ThomixiosoThomixioso Posts: 118
    I think, that would be enough one experience with rift than donating one..:) Ok, I will post your suggestion on that forum.
  • GabebGabeb Posts: 10
    I also would love to give that a try.
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