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HDMI not detected and now stuck in setup loop

ag858ag858 Posts: 6
I've been the happy owner of a CV1 for a few months now.

I'm currently experiencing the "hdmi not detected" issue and now I'm stuck in the setup loop because I can't continue in the headset.
I first had this problem with the hdmi not being detected a few days and managed to get it working by lots of reboots and unplugging and plugging all the connections randomly, playing the numbers game. I even managed to exit the setup loop by killing the server process in the task manager but that method doesn't seem to be working this time.

(btw, I think the setup sequence should be more robust and allow the user to exit the loop at any stage if they want to.)


  • ag858ag858 Posts: 6
    update: after uninstalling the Oculus installation and deleting the APPDATA local and roaming Oculus data folders as outlined in another forum post I was able to break out of the setup insanity loop.

    But I still had the HDMI not being detected during the setup. After testing that the hdmi port was functional with another cable, I plugged back in the hdmi plug of the CV1, expecting it for it not to work but somehow it did this time. I know that sometimes when connecting a number of different hdmi devices to the same port, the port needs to be reset ie with using a ps3 and a pc on the same monitor/hdmi input. I don't know if this is what refreshed the hdmi port or if I just happened to roll a six this time. If this happens again I have no insight on what causes these spurious errors with which to approach finding another solution.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Strange, but glad to hear things are working.
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  • ag858ag858 Posts: 6
    Now it's back to the old HDMI not detected error. Gutted. I'll have another poke around.
  • ag858ag858 Posts: 6
    Okay, plugging another hdmi cable in before plugging in the cv1 did not help this time. Really pissed off. Don't know what I'm going to do now.
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