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If anyone can please please help me. I am now biting my workbench with stress. I took delivery of a Deepoon E2. Followed the instructions loaded the software, and found myself in a luxurious room with bar, big log fire rich carpeted (the Home Screen). I have since tried playing on Steam, in a OCULUS DK2 configuration. Since that, my Headset has been locked with the monitor message "Set Your View in VR". It wont let me go to room setup or anything else. It tells me first to stand up and makkesure the headset is picking up the sensors correctly. It says at the foot of the screen page "continue in Headset".
All I have is a blue screen with a message, telling me to wear the headset in the position I am going to be using it and press the A Button on my controller to continue. The Deepoon does not have such a hand controller.
My questions are;
1. Is there an equivalent button on the keyboard that would do the same as this Controller A Button
2. Is there a file within the software that could be deleted eg an H-Key or something that would alllow me to go back to the settings window on the headset screen.
The headset mounted sensors will repeat movement on my DCS World Flight Sim but no display of such on the Headset screen, only this blue screen with the message "Press the A Button on the Controller".


  • OpticKingOpticKing Posts: 1,185
    edited September 2016
    Shot in the dark, you could get the controller? Here's a link to the same one as bundled with the cv1 rift - and if you're in uk
    Note: these are links to the more expensive wireless adapter ones, there are cheaper wired versions if you wish to go that route.
    If these don't work for you, you can probably find something on your own in your area. Hope you can get things sorted out, I don't think I've seen anyone with a deepoon here before. Good luck. ;)

  • Thanks Opticking, I am just trying to avoid spending eny more. Buying this headset has strapped me for cash. Hopefully find someone with this kind of device that I can borrow just to get past this point. Thanks for your suggestion though, I am going to do a bit of investigation for the wired version.

  • blanesblanes Posts: 1,096
    As this is a chinese Clone of a CV1, perhap the Oculus Home software has a way to identify it and lock it out or restrict it in some way due to copyright restrictions - possible ? 
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,161 Volunteer Moderator
    You also need a controller (xbox one, oculus remote or oculus touch) to launch apps from the home screen, and most software for the rift now assumes you have a controller. Borrowing one just to get past the setup screen may not be enough.
    (You can start them from the desktop home screen too using mouse, but not from within the VR room home screen)

  • Is there a box around this message and does your view move a cursor? If so this is an oculus home health and safety warning I think. Place the white dot that moves with your vision into the box and it should begin to fill up hold still till it does and it should go to the game you launched.

    If not, while using steam the Deepoon currently works best with the 0.8 oculus runtime. There was a recent update to the deepoon assistant. For use in steam i would reccomend uninstalling oculus home and the deppon assistant and starting fresh with the latest version V1.5 which will install the runtime.

    However that won't solve your a button problem. There are a bunch of software solutions to emulating joypad button presses like freepie that could probably sort you out if you have no ps1/2/3/4 controllers or xbox controllers lying about or even a wii mote or Bluetooth pad for phones ect.

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