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How to detect if in Universal Menu?

Hey there, we've got a game made in UE4 that I'm preparing to get up on Oculus store. One of the submission requirements is that the game is paused while the player goes into the Universal Menu (ours currently does not do that, and plays through the interactive sequence). Does anyone know the best way I can detect if the user is currently viewing the Universal Menu? Thanks!


  • OpticKingOpticKing Posts: 1,185
    Shot in the dark, if there's a way to monitor controller input you could do so when it detects the "home" button pressed on the pad, or oculus logo button on the remote.
  • rboerdijkrboerdijk Posts: 7
    Apparently you can't detect if the Universe Menu is open, but you can check for whether your application has focus (which it doesn't with the UM open) with ovrSessionStatus.IsVisible, The sessionstatus-struct is filled in by a call to ovr_GetSessionStatus(...).
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