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Just starting out & hooking up DK2

MBLiMBLi Posts: 17
edited September 2016 in General
Hello, My name is David. I created an awesome charity where I bring my Xbox Kinect into senior centers. The health benefits are many. A donor realized the potential with the Ocukus & donated a DK2. It took me 2 months to build a fantastic PC. I am trying to download the developers info & that page no longer exists.  

I am just now starting to download games. I do not have the right equipment. Can someone please assist me in how do I order up to date equipment? What is available for purchase? It's not giving me an option to play the 1st game I downloaded. Free. I was told my equipment is not hooked up?

Am I not eligible to also develop games? I would love to create an adventure for the seniors, disabled & challenged individuals I get to work with on a regular basis. Can I still be be part of that community. As a charity I have unique hiring skills & this presents great possibilities. 

Please reach out to me personally if some one can help 651-269-1655 I'm David, founder & CEO of 
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