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[Accidental Double Post - Please Delete]

tmektmek Posts: 103
Hiro Protagonist
edited September 2016 in Showcase
Hi everyone!

Below is a playable preview build of Ghost Vector.  It's an early work-in-progress and there's not a ton of interaction yet, but I'd love to get some first impressions and see if you think I'm on the right track.  

In Ghost Vector you are the sole survivor of a large starship, disabled and heavily damaged. You must find ways to repair, upgrade, and defend your ship from increasing enemy attacks as you traverse hostile sectors of the galaxy in an attempt to regroup with the fleet.

The ship is equipped with autonomous maintenance drones and you'll find much needed resources through mining and salvage operations. You direct the ship's systems and drones through the "Holographic Command Console" or HCC. The HCC is located on the bridge and provides Navigation, Engineering, and Tactical interfaces. The ship's damaged but sporadically functioning A.I. will respond to available voice commands and provide verbal updates on the ship's status.

Controls: Using the Oculus Remote (or gamepad). Hold Forward (or A) to bring up the "Teleport" ring, release to teleport to the ring's location. Left and Right will comfort turn. Enter (or B ) will "Interact" (grab, throw objects and click UI elements). 

(Be sure to try the two interactions available from the holo-table on the bridge!)

Visit the builds page to download the latest preview build.   

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

This was developed using a CV1 on a GTX970 so it should run well on equivalent or better hardware.


Concept Trailer:

If you're unable to try the demo in VR, here is some in-game footage:

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