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Oculus Home freezes PC for a second on startup and shutdown

uKERuKER Posts: 164

I've never seen this reported anywhere else, but every time I start Oculus Home, the PC freezes for a split second, even the mouse cursor stopping dead for a moment.

The freeze happens at the very moment when the black splash screen with the "O" logo and the BETA sign fades into view.

The same thing often happens when I close the app. This one doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it will most probably happen if you play a game or start an app from the Library.

I know some may say that this is a non-issue but  it's a pretty annoying thing to have happening so often, and I have ZERO other programs that do it.

Now, am I the only one with this?


  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,117
    Confirmed, you're not alone. But I noticed this after reading your post, by moving my mouse during start/stop of Oculus Home, that mean it didn't bother me that much before ;)

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  • uKERuKER Posts: 164
    Well, it's not just the mouse. As far as I can tell, only audio playback continues. Any applications running at that moment are deprived from the ability to execute for a split second. You can test it by playing any video and you will see it freeze.
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