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"Can't Connect" issues during installation

MarcSimonsenMarcSimonsen Posts: 4
So I can across this problem while trying to install my new Rift.
It says it can't connect to the servers just after i accept the EULA.
The log says something about no valid install destination on C: and I noticed that my C drive is a dynamic drive.
I read somewhere that Oculus drivers won't install on dynamic drives and thought I'd try to reformat my drive and change it back to a basic disk.
Just thought I'd let you know in case someone else has the same issues.


  • MarcSimonsenMarcSimonsen Posts: 4
    An update - this WAS indeed the problem.
    Did a low level format of my disk - removed everything and made it a basic disk and now the installation succeds.
  • rainabbarainabba Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    Of course it succeeds after you wipe the system and start from scratch. That hardly indicates that the issue was due to the partition type (which is transparent to an installer). 
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