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Apps download but don't install - S6 Edge

MarkPainterMarkPainter Posts: 4
Hi Folks. Just done a complete factory reset on my Samsung S6 edge. Gear VR software installs ok, but when I select download for any of my purchased apps, they download, briefly flash 'installing' but don't install. And the status goes back to download.
Any suggestions please. as it's driving me nuts.


  • jwarsher77jwarsher77 Posts: 1
    Welcome to Samsung. Same issue here. Except, factory reset phone now everything I paid for, all in my library gone. All download, none install. First dealt with exploding phone now this. Oh to top it off, they never honored according to T-Mobile giving me a free Gear second generation for my exploding phone, replacement and now the edge. Good riddance. Long time here Note 1. Never again.
  • CharSmith92CharSmith92 Posts: 6
    Also having the same issue! Com.Facebook.system says uninstall or force stop no enable option
  • stenopostenopo Posts: 3
    I’m suffering the same issue :(
  • alexandre.koukarinealexandre.koukarine Posts: 2
    This is not Samsung. That's FB pushing their gaming headsets by suffocating gear vr users. I would buy but they have nothing to offer except for games. Shame on them.
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