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Oculus Medium Releases & Updates



  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff
    edited July 2018
    We pushed a patch to solve some of the issues you're seeing! 

    Medium 2.01 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Loading 2.0 saved sculpts that had layer operations executed (renaming, uprezing, center, etc) previously caused transforms and hierarchies to not save correctly. Sculpt saves going forward should no longer exhibit this behavior. Older affected sculpts may be fixed automatically.

    • Log files no longer increasing in size over time sculpting in Medium

    • Fixed compatibility with Asynchronous Spacewarp

    • Took out misplaced audio on the “Import Mesh as Clay” tool tip video

    • Stalls on Exit that required the task manager to close Medium should be fixed.

    Known Problems:

    • Sometimes, after exporting a mesh and immediately exiting, Medium will crash on close.

    • Transforms in saved sculpts will not delete.

    • Crashes during video recording.

  • DeadlyJoeDeadlyJoe Posts: 776
    Love to see the bug fixes! You guys work fast. :)
  • hughJhughJ Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    Not sure if this is my imagination or unique to me:

    it seems like the 'bloom' visual is enabled by default (despite it being disabled in the GUI)?  Cycling it on->off again appears to clear it and get it to turn off, but on next app launch I have to repeat this.  I believe I first noticed this after the original 2.0 update.
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    @hughJ Have you tried turning off the bloom and then clicking "Set as Default." It will persist across sessions that way. 

  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
    I'm not able to record any videos since the update, its just giving me empty 17-19kb video files in my documents.
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    What! That sucks :( Can you send those over? 
  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,715 Valuable Player
    Awesome! Looks like you guys have been busy! 
  • Well, shoot. Medium was one of the last apps to use the previous avatars :( .

    Aside from that, it seems you did a great job guys! I'm gonna try this out tomorrow.
    Hyped for the Quest 2!

    My hopes for VR next gen:
    - Full Body Tracking. Come on, Oculus!
    - Eye tracking with foveated rendering. Must reduce the power needs!
    - More big-scale games. I need a true VRMMORPG!
    - Bigger community.

    "If you don't mind, do you want me to take you there? Where dreams come true."
  • Sterling77Sterling77 Posts: 514
    Looks awesome, cant wait to check out the new stuff - thanks for the mention !! :smile:
  • Sterling77Sterling77 Posts: 514
    Just a side note on Flip - When you Flip make sure you edit the transform x value to 0.006, unless the Flip bug has been fixed. 
  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff
    edited December 2018
    Medium Ver. 2.2 Release Notes

    We’re celebrating the end of the year with our 2.2 Release! We’ve listened to your feedback and worked to improve Medium as a powerful object editor. 

    Accidently moved the mirror tool? We’ve added Node Lock! Scene Graph confusing you? Check out the new Node Settings menu! Unintentionally changed your stamp orientation? We’ve swapped the tool size shortcut and applicator transform! Find yourself constantly revising your settings? Most tool settings now save across sessions. To top it off, we’ve added 10 new languages.

    Medium Ver. 2.2 Release Notes

    New Features:

    • Node lock is in! Lock scene objects to prevent accidental moves, or lock your layers to freeze clay editing.

    • Tool settings - except for constraints, color, stamp, and the size slider - now save across sessions. Scene settings still save across sculpts.

    • The scene graph is now organized in a much less cluttered format, making hierarchy editing faster and more understandable with the new Node Settings menu.

    • We’ve added a toggle to turn custom stamp color on or off in the stamps menu. It defaults to “Off.”

    • Move tool: Double clicking in Move Tool now toggles between default and elastic move, and strength in both modes has been tuned to incorporate more stiffness parameters.

    • You can now change the tool applicator transform of all tools, including raycast tools.

    • New languages available! Change your language in Skyline to access Medium in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, or Japanese.

      • As part of the localization push, we now allow the import and reading of assets named with special characters.

      • We also fixed the long standing bug where users with special characters in their Windows username were unable to start.

    • We’ve swapped the tool size shortcut and applicator transform to minimize the amount of mistaken applicator changes.

      • Push the tool hand thumbstick to the left or right for the shortcut to change your tool size, which is now also more accurate.

      • Depress the tool hand thumbstick to change the applicator transform.

    • We’ve updated our Manual to reflect some of the current changes. Visit our manual by navigating to the top black bar at, or going straight to

    Bug Fixes:

    • The move tool respects grid snap constraints.

    • Required confirmation when deleting assets in the asset browser.

    • When you select a scene object, its node in the Scene Graph will scroll into view.

    • Clay surface artifacts fix. This was showing up mostly when using the move tool repeatedly.

    • Default file names when saving or exporting are back, and dictating a library is not required before saving.

    • Steady stroke with raycast tools have been re-tuned.

    • Stamps no longer rearrange order within their collection every time the app restart - they will stay alphabetical.

    • Bloom is no longer enabled at launch if option is set to off.

    • Improved video capture quality using the in-Medium capture on NVIDIA machines.

    • Export folders now reliably and automatically generate.

    • The export transform is now the scene origin.

    • Move tool preview now consistently updates when pressing the alt tool or around the scene graph.

    • Repeatedly looking at tooltip videos over time doesn’t cause graphical corruption.

    • Medium now utilizes ASW 2.0.

    Known Problems:

    • Video quality using the in-Medium capture on AMD machines is still fairly low quality.

    CL 134541584

  • Sterling77Sterling77 Posts: 514
    Great Update ! some very solid fixes and amazing additions to this version to make it more robust and very powerful. 

    Love the new Tool setting - although rotate snap orientation would be better - the freedom thing doesn't do much for accuracy. 

    I have to raise a serious Bug with the Lathe tool - as mentioned on the FB group - The Scene Origin is now at Zero which should be a good thing, but sadly the entry point to medium - initial position is the most comfortable.

    Zero at the center of the play area is pretty uncomfortable. I preferred it in the position it was in the last, much more intuitive for exports and creating assets. Lathe so .. first its at 100% which looks cool but 9 times out of ten I will slow it down for a turnaround presentation or using it for sculpting. So default 100% is pretty silly.

    Then comes the center sculpt option for the Lathe, as the Lathe I think has mistakenly been connected to the Scene Origin this is causing all kinds of issues - as you can see from your previous version post my method for centering an object to gain a home point or initial position. 
    >> " To align your mirror plane with your sculpt, a trick is to use your lathe (Thanks Sterling!) "

    Whats happening is if you center the sculpt now to use the Lathe, it offsets the position of the sculpt to the Scene Origin and affects the mirror plane as well. If you try to use the Lathe the sculpt wobbles in the Offset axis - to solve this takes 24 steps of operation which I find ludicrous, zeroing out transforms and rotate for the Sculpt / Mirror / Clay Layer / Lathe and Scene Origin. Then you have to position the Lathe to get it to work again. 

    I use medium for production as you know and this is seriously affecting efficiency and workflow. I have tried to find a workaround using an add Transform this solves some of the position issue but not orientation to the Lathe or initial comfort. 

    Also to raise the issue that this affects older scenes when opened and moved will change the Scene Origin position. 

    You guys are Amazing and really happy to see a great deal of effort and attention to medium. 

    I would like to know if a hotfix will come very soon for this as this has restricted medium. I can see that other people have already come across strange behavior with Origin and Lathe. 

    Thanks Guys sorry to be a party pooper @jessicazeta @naomi.cornman 
  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff
    Patch incoming! This is for you @sterling77 :p 

    Medium Ver. 2.2.1 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Inconsistent scene origin offset is now repaired.

    • Material slider increments have changed to allow for better granularity.

    • Color now saves across sessions.

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Medium Ver. 2.2.2 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Tool menu UI buttons activate on trigger press instead of release.

    • Tool apply transform edits should no longer be on the undo stack.

    • Fixed the visibility icon in the Scene Graph showing as on, when Scene Origin disabled.

    • Meshes now import with their externally set origin and scales.

    • Lathe is now parented under scene origin and no longer ground constrained and can be freely moved around.

    • Moving the lathe around is now undoable.

    • Fixed cut tool on hidden active layer not giving good visual feedback.

    • Fixed how the flatten tool appears constrained to the surface when setting is toggled off.

    • Fixed the inability to not write over external sculpt files.

    • Fixed move tool artifacting on the fall off on the default (non elastic) mode, when strength was less than 100%.

    • Fixed bug where move tool set to affecting all layers, affected locked layers.

    • Fixed bug where sculpt layers were still modified when hidden in scene graph.

    • Added a lock icon on the node settings menu, alongside other shortcuts like visibility, duplication, etc.

    • Increased the range of the cut tool to help cut higher res layers.

    • Fixed the bug around number pad sticking to support hand when set to left handed.

    • Got rid of tool hand AO at close zoom.

    • Increased the max available light intensity.

    Stability Improvements

    • Fixed the crash when duplicating a set of multiple layers past the 100 layer limit.

    • Fixed the crash when cancelling a layer operation after a low memory warning.

    • Fixed a crash that made Move Tool a lot less stable (there was a memory bug).

    • Fixed another memory issue with Color Picker that would cause a periodic crash.

  • Henri1970Henri1970 Posts: 123
  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff
    edited February 2019

    Medium 2.2.3 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Scene origin transforms now persist through export and Share to Home

    • Fixed artifacting when symmetric move tool spheres with strength 100 overlapped in mirror mode

    • Lighting Model Changes

      • We fixed a calculation error in our lighting model and lights have a more realistic falloff now.  This fixes an issue where the lighting would dim on a sculpt when zoomed in too much, and light intensity on a sculpt surface is also a more noticeable function of local distance.  New lights added will use this new lighting model--old lights in previous saves will retain their old properties.

      • Bloom has been tuned to better fit the new lighting model intensity range

      • Removed radius from point light UI in favor of point light scale

    Known Problems:

    • Sharing to Facebook as a 3D Post sometimes fails.

    • Studio Share disconnects immediately after connecting.

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Medium 2.2.4 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed grip trigger losing global manipulation after swiping out of the light settings and color picker! This phenomenon was also causing consequent crashes when interacting with windows.

    • Fixed custom stamps of the same layer name being moved into the wrong collection.

    • Fixed color picker persisting after swiping out of menus.

    • Fixed grid snap increments.

    Known Problems:

    • Sharing to Facebook as a 3D Post sometimes fails.

    • Recording a 2D video within Medium and livestreaming to Facebook will crash.

    • Recording a 2D video within Medium and using Shadowplay will crash.

    • Studio Share disconnects immediately after connecting. Because we have not yet found a fix, we are disabling the feature for now. We will re-enable it when it works once more.

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Medium Ver. 2.2.5 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Tool color pickers occasionally persisting in the scene for left-handers is fixed.

    • Scene graph color pickers (world and light settings) will no longer occasionally pop into a wrong location when dismissed.

    • Scene light brightness slider is now non-linear, giving more wiggle room at dimmer ranges.   This affects the numerical brightness of existing lights in the UI, but does not change the actual brightness in the scene.

    • Fixed an issue where slider values would jump to 0 if the cursor moved off of the 2d UI panel while moving the slider handle.

    Known Problems:

    • Sharing to Facebook as a 3D Post sometimes fails.

    • Recording a 2D video within Medium and livestreaming to Facebook will crash.

    • Recording a 2D video within Medium and using Shadowplay will crash.

    • Studio Share disconnects immediately after connecting. Because we have not yet found a fix, we are disabling the feature for now. We will re-enable it when it works once more.

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    We’re continuously working to improve Oculus Medium and it’s core sculpting features. Sometimes, that means getting rid of features.

    In a few months, we’ll be releasing a new version of Medium with new features and improvements and will be de deprecating some features that, based on our analytics, are less utilized by you. We’re letting you know now so you have time to adapt your habits or back up your files.

    What’s Changing?

    • Share-to-Web ("My Gallery" on You’ll no longer be able to share your sculpts to your Gallery on our website. If you have sculpts stored on our website and want them for future reference, please download your sculpts and full resolution OBJ’s.

    • Share-to-Facebook Feed: You will no longer be able to share your sculpt as a 3D Post on Facebook.

    • The Learn page ( All Tutorials live on Youtube:
      You’ll no longer be able to download Tutorials to follow along in VR.

    • VR Recordings: You’ll no longer be able to record your sculpting sessions in 3D. 2D Video Recording and Photos will persist. If you want to keep VR Recordings, please use a 2D Video recorder to capture it.

    • Newsfeed: We are removing the in-app Newsfeed items

    • Featured Artists on our website: We’re removing this portion of our website.

    These features require consistent web engineering maintenance and have low usage rates. As we gear up for our next release in a few months, we want to focus our time to improve Medium for the workflow and pipeline.


    Q: I’m unable to download the sculpts saved to My Gallery. Where did they go?

    A: Unfortunately, some older assets were deleted over time for reasons that are not immediately clear to us. We apologize if you lost a sculpt for which you have no other copy.

    Q: Does 3D Posts still work?

    A: Existing 3D Posts still work, but a more viable - and better supported - 3D format on the Facebook feed are 3D Photos. We're not scheduled yet to support that pipeline. See more information about 3D Photos here:

    Q: I still want to watch 2D videos while in VR. How do I do that?

    A: You can watch 2D videos while in VR through Dash! To open or close Dash, select the Oculus button on your right Touch controller while you're in VR. From here you'll have access to the Dash belt, including Oculus Desktop:

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff
    edited May 2019

    Medium 2.3 Release Notes

    Look and Feel:

    • To support Rift-S and also to respond to feedback from our users for a more streamlined look, we’ve revamped our controller and tool models.

    • Workspace Themes:  There are now multiple color themes:  Classic, Dark, Neutral and Cute. Select them under the World node settings in the Scene Graph as a starting point for your workspace customization.  These themes will change your 2d UI Color Palette, Background Color, IBL cubemap texture, Ground Mesh, and Skybox Mesh.

    • Added additional IBL Lighting cubemaps and also exposed IBL Brightness as a slider.  Adjust both Sun and IBL Brightness to control your overall environment lighting.

    • Ground and skybox meshes are a lot simpler now so that artists can focus more on their work.

    • Tool meshes and their attached menus no longer cast shadows

    Guides and Constraints:

    • (Way Better) Grid Visualization

      • It’s now possible to toggle visibility of X/Y/Z planes, customize grid unit size and unit of measurement, and number of subdivisions.

      • Grid is now a node in the scene graph that can be parented to other nodes.  It will visualize the coordinate space of its parent. You can use the grid even when you aren’t snapping to it.

    • Constrained manipulation to the mirror plane: Keep nodes (particularly symmetric layers) aligned with the mirror plane so you don’t break symmetry while you move them.  This is defaulted to on and can be toggled in the Mirror node settings in the Scene Graph.

    Sculpting Tools:

    • Tool sizing speed is now in world space instead of min/max space.  If the tool size is significantly bigger relative to the user, the speed will increase so you don’t take as long to resize back to a more manageable size.

    • Paint Tool Stomp option:  Selecting this option will let you point at any of your layers to immediately fill with a solid color.

    • Move tool now has a cube shape and capsule shape, in addition to the existing sphere shape.

    • When the move tool’s inner and outer radius are the same, there is only one sphere representing both of them.

    • Clay tool size sliders now increment by one.

    • Tuned controller direction and click thresholds to be easier to trigger / stay triggered

    • “New Layer” shortcut button added to Tool Menu Shortcuts.  This button will create a new layer with the same transform and material attributes as the current active layer.

    • Grid visibility toggle added to Tool Menu Shortcuts.  If you want to edit any other grid-related settings, just select the Grid node in the Scene Graph and view its settings.

    • Tool maximum size increased to allow for more flexibility. If your tool size is 100%, it now covers many more voxels than previous versions of Medium.

    Scene Management:

    • Added Isolate node button--you can now isolate the visibility of one node in the scene and toggle back and forth between the visibility settings of the other nodes

    • Duplicated nodes will now appear at the same level of hierarchy as the original node

    • When you flip a layer that has child layers, it will flip all of them if they are unlocked.

    • Scene nodes will now not rearrange when opening and closing the Scene Graph repeatedly.

    • Duplicating scene nodes keeps the same name as the original and will not add a suffix.

    • Fixed a crash which occurred on New Scene after selecting a Light from the previous scene.

    File Management:

    • We added a Refresh button to the file browser so you can view any desktop folder changes immediately.

    • Fixed having to select a directory when saving an already saved sculpt.

    • You can now save even when there is no clay in the scene.

    • Fixed #ivory error when overwriting a saved sculpt with a Windows username that contains special characters.

    • Saving sculpts with spaces at the end of the name work now.

    Import and Export:

    • Choose from one of three presets as a starting point for your settings - Raw, Real-time, and 3D Print

    • Export settings will now save across sessions.

    • Fixed textures on FBX showing up as bump maps instead of normal maps in Maya.

    • When you import a mesh as clay, the layers will now have the same name as the mesh name from the input file.


    • Added a Desktop Preview mode which will display the capture preview to the desktop window.  A great option for streaming, taking photos with screen capture tools, and presentations.


    • New languages available:  Czech, Greek (Beta), UK English, Spanish (Latin American), Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portugal), Romanian (Beta), Russian, Turkish, and Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)

    Deleted Features:

    • Feeds - There is no longer a “Feeds” panel.  Access the new user tutorial via the new Control Panel “Tutorial” button.

    • Learn Page - Our tutorials have now moved to YouTube: To watch them while in Medium, please use Oculus Desktop. An updated New User Experience is still available via the “Tutorial” button in the Control Panel, and already downloaded tutorials are still accessible through the video playback file browser.

    • VR Recordings - You are no longer able to record or watch VR recording files.

    • Share to Facebook - You are no longer able to share GLTF Medium models straight from Medium onto your Facebook feed as 3D Posts. You can still do this by generating a GLTF, and dropping the file into your composer on your Facebook homepage.

    • Share to Web - You are no longer able to share your Medium sculpts to the Medium web galleries. We are deprecating Medium galleries so you will no longer be able to access the sculpts in those galleries.

  • thoiterthoiter Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Wow, lots of great improvements in this update. Medium just keeps getting better.
  • jpenjpen Posts: 6
    Will there be a version of Medium on for Quest?
  • SmallpolySmallpoly Posts: 19
    edited May 2019
    VR Recordings - You are no longer able to record or watch VR recording files.
    Oof. Happy about the other features, but there goes my filming method. It was nice to be able to separate filming from sculpting and go back as a cameraman to get shots from multiple angles.

  • RaptureReaperRaptureReaper Posts: 9
    It's ok. A 2.2.5 user helped me.
  • rwfxrwfx Posts: 2
    edited May 2019

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff
    jpen said:
    Will there be a version of Medium on for Quest?
    We're not yet planning to have Medium on Oculus Quest. There's a few different reasons for that but the biggest one is this: Medium is a processing heavy application that, built as is, requires the power and memory of a PC. Maybe in the future, but right now we’re working on improving Medium for workflow and pipeline. 
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