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Oculus Medium Releases & Updates



  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Medium 2.3.1 Release Notes

    Lighting and Materials:

    • Fog is now a world setting that you can customize: Set your color, strength, min/max height, and min/max distance. 

    • You can save your selected material settings and restore/copy to other layer materials by - Check out the Save and Load buttons in the material settings panel.

    Memory and Performance:

    • Medium should use ½ to ⅓ as much GPU VRAM as previous version. We have changed Medium’s core data structures and how it handles GPU memory. Much larger/higher resolution sculpts should now be possible.

    • Improved memory and performance by replacing sparse textures with voxel blocks.

    • Improved dynamic ambient occlusion, leading towards less self-occlusion artifacts.

    • Layer limit is now 128. 


    • Fixed crash on latest AMD drivers when trying to import or create a custom stamp.

    • Ground planes now have lines to indicate world origin and to alleviate motion sickness with more visual grounding.

    • Scrollbar now is visually correct - muted when not highlighted, brighter when highlighted.

    • Greek and Romanian symbols work perfectly in Medium! 

    • Fixed a manipulation issue that would cause the sculpt to snap to a super large size and far away when scaling a small layer.

    • Imported stamp previews no longer persist on tool hand after switching away from them.

    • Directory will no longer delete unintentionally during an fbx export.

    • File exports in fbx/obj will no longer delete the corresponding file of a different extension.

    • Various crash fixes.

  • BuhoneroBuhonero Posts: 3
    With the latest update 2.3.1 I'm getting terrible performance and cannot add clay smoothly. It lags and create straight lines, really frustrating, making the app unusable.

    I have a 1660ti, 16gb of Ram, W10, plenty of free space.

    I didn’t have any issues with the previous version 
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    @Buhonero, man! That's weird. We did change the starting resolution, but that was back in 2.3. Possible you can post a video of your problems? We're intrigued at what's going on with your system.

  • BuhoneroBuhonero Posts: 3
    @jessicazeta sure, here's a video of the problem:

    Looking forward to a solution as I was enjoying a lot the app.
  • MetronsMetrons Posts: 48
    Brain Burst
    Any chance you're playing spotify when using medium? I had HORRIBLE performance issues, i finally found out spotify in my web browser was causing it?
  • BuhoneroBuhonero Posts: 3
    Metrons said:
    Any chance you're playing spotify when using medium? I had HORRIBLE performance issues, i finally found out spotify in my web browser was causing it?
    Spotify App and Web browsers are closed. Still stuttering :(
  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Medium 2.3.2 Release Notes

    Scene Graph:

    • We now display max layer count and current number of layers at the bottom of the Scene Graph

    • The max layer limit is now 150


    • Non-layer nodes (images, meshes, etc)  will freely manip when mirror-constrained manip is on, if they don’t have any layers parented underneath them.


    • Fixed blank node when using Add Mesh as Clay on an installed mesh.

    • Fixed missing clay tool UI sound effects. 

    • Fixed reference images still having visible borders when in sculptmode. 

    • Manip numpad editing now undos and redos

    • Fixed undo/redo manipulation in object space after global manipulation

    • Duplicate layer button only enables now when possible

    • Fixed some crashes

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Manual is updated!!

    Your handbook to all things Medium! 🤓

  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    Medium 2.3.3 Release Notes


    • Fixed an occasional crash when selecting a Scene Graph node that didn't have an action menu (ie. the Grid node)

  • SamuelABSamuelAB Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    Multiplayer has been broken for almost a year now.. Please bring it back! :open_mouth::'(
  • haibo545001haibo545001 Posts: 6
    输入你的评论Unable to start, no response after clicking
  • haibo545001haibo545001 Posts: 6
    2.3.3 Medium,Since August ,Unable to start, no response after clicking
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hello @haibo545001, please hang tight! We are trying to figure out what is causing this problem. Thank you for letting us know what is happening
  • ThomasphoenixThomasphoenix Posts: 17
    Brain Burst
    Any update on when the Medium bugs that show up with latest Nvidia drivers (stamp import) will be addressed? Most of the other apps need the newer drivers to work correctly. 
  • dahlia.khodurdahlia.khodur Posts: 2
    oculus medium is crashing because of low memory eventhough I have no other app or software running. my PC is virus free and new with 16GB RAM. every other app is working fine on oculus except medium crashing. help? 
  • naycornnaycorn Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

    We’ve been quieter than usual because we’ve been working on some big news! We’re excited to announce that Oculus Medium is joining the Adobe family! This is an important milestone for VR, and for artists like you, in substantiating the power of creating in VR. Earlier this year, Adobe acquired Allegorithmic (makers of the Substance tools) and created a new 3D and Immersive group. This group will be Medium’s new home!

    We absolutely could not have done this without the talent and energy from this amazing community. Your passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to Medium has grown the tool itself, and inspires the Medium development team daily. 

    We’re incredibly excited for the next chapter of Medium, and to see what you create! Read the announcement here

  • hughJhughJ Posts: 37
    Brain Burst

    We’re incredibly excited for the next chapter of Medium, and to see what you create!

    Likewise, on both counts. 

    So what's the timetable for us getting to hear from the Medium team about what the short-term and long-term goals are for the application?  Do you see Medium as largely being completed, such that any significant architectural departures or additions are something that would be best left to a new code base and product, or is it going to expand its role as a tool?  Is the Medium team expected to remain roughly as-is, or are you going to significantly grow after the move is completed?  Where does Adobe see Medium and the team fitting in with its product stack?  What does Adobe want?
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