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Oculus is basically holding GearVR hostage

zproxyzproxy Posts: 262
I go to open a 360 video in GearVR and AGAIN oculus wants a damn update. Please STOP demanding users to update the software. Oculus is basically holding GearVR hostage until you have your damn update installed. You suck. Stop asking users to update the software.

UserRoadblockForceUpgradeFragment: Install failed for com.oculus.home.


  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    Is there a particular reason you DON'T want to have the latest software versions on your phone?  There could be important fixes or content updates in those updates, y'know.

    Unless they've reached iTunes levels of updates where you have to re-install the entire program from the bottom up every single day and yet nothing ever seems to change. If that's the case, I'd understand your frustration :tongue:

    It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
    I smell a note 7 user trying to avoid a blacklist...
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