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Loading Human Video Review

Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 4,111 Valuable Player
edited October 2016 in Games and Apps
In case any Rifters are interested in Loading Human when it gets Touch support (which I assume it might do eventually or at least be hacked in) here's a review of the PSVR version. It's available now via Steam.

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  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 5,544 Valuable Player
    edited March 2019
    Loading Human now has Touch support, and it's one of the games I'm currently considering buying/trying. The trailer looks great (and PS4 support normally means I can add a lot of super sampling and still get 90 fps - so PS4 support many not be a bad thing):


    The game has gotten few and generally not-so-great ratings in the Oculus Store. It's also one of the more expensive games that never seems to go on sale - and it's 20GB, which may take a lot of time to download on my slow connection. Average rating on Steam is just 5/10 - and this latest review on Steam worries me quite a lot:

    "POSTED: 28 DECEMBER, 2018
    The couple good reviews (and the promo materials) suggested a good story and immersive experience if one played long enough to "get used" to the awful controls. I played to the end and they were totally wrong. It reminds me of the 1st episode of The Gallery or Pollen, some object interactions and background info but no real story. Except implemented horribly (see below). In the Gallery, the devs stayed engaged and Ep 2 brought real story and meaningful interactions. Not so here. Oh there's hints of a true plot and some of the story telling mechanics are kind-of interesting. But ultimately: weak dialog and voice-acting, an over-wrought dystopian setting, awkward pacing and events, and a plot the seems to have been based on a techno-babble generator. And gameplay that's a combination of hidden object (HOG) and assembling IKEA furniture.

    Gfx are OK but not great. And the human visuals are decidedly off.

    So, most of the reviews complain about the bad controls. And they were totally right and I should have listened. It's not the usual teleport vs free-motion debate. It's a "VR" game that requires you to set rigidly place and look directly forward. A ridiculously slow sidestep and lack of positional headset and body movement means you have to walk on a grid at angles with your true objective. While the Touch controllers are positional in the game, the avatar has and insanely narrow body and short arms. Even telling it I was 8 inches taller than I didn't get more than 75% of my actual arm length. And the trigger points for interaction were small and not in the natural place but above or to the side. And devs clearly abandoned this shortly after release."

    Then again, maybe it's a Vive user - the game was made for Rift, Vive users seem to have a lot of problems with the controls. Checking the Steam forum (Discussion) some really like/love the game. 

    Has anyone tried the game? (I don't watch video reviews, too many spoilers).
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