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Google DayDream .. Threat or opportunity?

DilipDilip Posts: 257
Nexus 6
Google DayDream is about to ship within few weeks from now, is it wake up call for Samsung? As Pixel Xl is amazing all calibrated made for VR device. more over with controller DayDream is more complete to compete with Gear VR.

What Samsung Oculus can do more to keep crowd in their direction? DayDream VIEW going to be out at $79 with controller, reviews are yet to come but considering all the hype there soon will be a good alternative of Gear VR.

Due to bad reputation Note7 has earned to Samsung there really need to be done something to fix it. There cant be better opportunity than now. Samsung need to release a mid range device that is with FHD OLED + Snap Dragon 821 with 3 GB ram and price bracket of $400/450 it could help to bring masses on Gear VR as higher price of entry mobile for VR is only barrier in my opinion. Keeping display slightly lo Poly will be enough reason to expect customers to switch to S7 or S7 Edge. while also give entry to VR to Upper middle specs segment of users. which is also HUGE


  • assettomioassettomio Posts: 416
    edited October 2016
    Let's hope not, there is too much crap already made for gearvr that is being ported to the rift, meanwhile developers don't seem to have been making sh*t for the rift so far.. I at least hope that with touch, that will change.. But in my opinion gearvr and cardboard has just been littering the idea of real vr, with the stupid 2d 360 videos, and this daydream is not gonna make that any better
  • zproxyzproxy Posts: 262
    samsung must first kick facebook for being such a lockin
  • SyntheticSynthetic Posts: 704
    yeah coz it costs like 30k$$$ to get a camera that can make content that is 3d 360 without hacking one yoself
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